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Teenage Contraceptive

As a mother of a pre/peripubescent girls this is a conundrum. Let's start with young girls 11+ having the contraceptive pill / depo provera shot / implants due to irregular / painful / heavy periods and/or acne.  At this very moment in clinic I am treating two ladies who have blood clots on the lungs which do not self resolve - according to medics,  they will have them forever - due to long term use of the contraceptive pill.  At this very moment I am also treating a lady who has ...

September 25, 2020

Men Matter

I'll slip this in early via the Blog Posts - It's not all about the Women you know. Personal Experience.  After a short while (6 months) of trying to conceive - and yes, this is a short while but previous experience of falling pregnant quickly plus now being classed as a geriatric mother (terrible term, fertility does decrease with age but in reality I was a pretty fit 38 year old), this situation raised a flag of concern for us. As I already had two older children we focused on John. We pu...

June 5, 2020

Shall we Kegel?

Everyone know what the Kegel exercise is? The "squeeze everything down there and hope I'm doing it right" exercise - have you just done it? - commonly given to expectant mothers so that "their pelvic floor will be alright" after birth. Rightly or wrongly, lets have a think and break it down a bit. We have four central diaphragms: Diaphragm Sellae: Inside our heads.Cervical Diaphragm: Involves your tongue and the muscles in you neck.Thoracic Diaphragm: The diaphragm we all know, separates thoraci...

May 9, 2020

The Energy of the Blog

Kia Ora,  Welcome to my blog. I am a specialist Womens Health Osteopath from the UK who has recently relocated to Nelson, New Zealand. Promptly thrust into COVID19 lockdown, which aside from being a bit of a shocker, has served as a great opportunity to get my website straight(er) and set various wheels in motion. Ideas that have been bubbling under the surface for some time now are finally seeing the light of day. I am feeling extraordinarily creative. Exciting times are ahead. I am in my ...

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