Teenage Contraceptive

What are we to do?

As a mother of a pre/peripubescent girls this is a conundrum.

Let's start with young girls 11+ having the contraceptive pill / depo provera shot / implants due to irregular / painful / heavy periods and/or acne. 

At this very moment in clinic I am treating two ladies who have blood clots on the lungs which do not self resolve - according to medics,  they will have them forever - due to long term use of the contraceptive pill. 

At this very moment I am also treating a lady who has lost her teeth and has several fractures due to the mineral leaching activity of long term use of Depo Provera. This lady is not old. 

At the same time, I am seeing a rise in young girls who are not sexually active being taken to the GP and being prescribed these potentially dangerous drugs.

How about we look at girls endocrine/musculoskeletal systems instead:

  • The sphenoid - awesomely elegant winged beast that houses the Hypothalamus and the Pituitary - how's it moving? Any knocks to the head? Any headaches? Poor posture? Been on the iPad too long? Overly stimulated? If it's not flexing and extending in all it's glory then your master glands are struggling....
  • Pineal - Who goes to bed earlier than their tweenager? Kid up all night? Poor sleep patterns? Where's my melatonin man?
  • Thyroid - Hows the motility here? Weight issues, acne, cold feet/hands? Spend too long looking at your iPhone - got your thyroid all stuck up? 
  • Thymus - Prone to coughs/colds that are hard to shake? Anxious at school? Exam stress? Asthmatic? Issues that could indicate a shriveled, constricted Thymus - Boooooooo!
  • Pancreas/Stomach/Spleen - Gut issues, immunity, connection - Its a blooming good idea to check these on the way down.
  • Adrenals/Kidneys -  Adrenarche AKA Anarchy!! FEAR! Stress! Run down? Worn out? Need a wee? And again? Adrenal Fatigue - The third part of the Hypothalamus/Pituitary/Adrenal (HPA) Axis  - I cannot iterate enough how much you want these guys working.
  • Sacrum/Ovaries/Uterus - Been riding your horse? Got a wonky gait? Back pain? Pelvic pain? Is your uterus off the midline? Poor ovary having to release an egg when its all stretched out like that - ouchy ovulation. Same for the uterus - struggling to shed its lining when its strung out, at the end of its tether - DOUBLE OUCH! Sacrum not moving - well that's a whole bunch of inflammation and congestion going on right there at menses time.

If your daughter has irregular, painful, clotty, heavy periods or is a bit of a nightmare in the lead up to menstruation - get her checked. These things are easily rectified. Experience shows that cycles can be regulated within a few treatments - often sooner. And she's NOT SEXUALLY ACTIVE, so no need for contraceptives yet.

So what next?

Well how about we teach our young ladies all about their vaginas and their monthly cycle. 

Personal Experience - I remember when I was younger fearing that I had forgotten to take my tampax out - I must have been 13. I was terrified that I couldn't find the string and that there would be a rogue Tampax somewhere IN MY BODY. I had no idea of the confines of my Vagina and my mum took me to the docs to have them investigate. What a distressing palaver - no Tampax. The donut after made me feel slightly better. Thanks Mum. Looking back, how ridiculous. I wish I had known that the Tampax could only go so far and if I couldn't find the string, I could just put my own fingers in and find it. My level of cluelessness surrounding my female self was HUGE.

Why are we so scared and ill-informed of our vaginas?

We need to empower our girls.

We need them to understand when they are fertile in their cycle. How often they are fertile. Why they sometimes feel they have a slug in their pants . What is ovulation? At what point are babies made? Why they feel horny at certain times and why the rest of the time "not bothered". Where is their cervix? Why is it sometimes high and sometimes low? The list goes. 

What energy do we want in our sacred space?

Do you understand this as a grown woman? If not, educate yourself and then educate your daughter.

When they understand this, and they are approaching their time of sexual activity - they can weigh up the pros and cons themselves of putting a cap on it versus the alternatives.

That's not to say I am not nervous of my own two approaching Teenagerdom. That would be foolish. I have faith in them and the decisions they make and hope that I have empowered them to make their own healthy choices. 

I am happy that they are comfortable asking me anything. At least I think they are.

At present though, I still have to promise not to say "Vagina" when their friends come round. The oldest emphatically does not wish to see me put in/remove my moon cup or listen to my loving lectures - with diagrams. She puts her fingers in her ears but I'm sure some of it is going in. The younger one however is all inquisitive ears and eyes. 

Different yet perfectly Slugtastic.