Alf Russell - Osteopath

A well rounded, very experienced, gentle Osteopath who utilises many different techniques to suit the individual including Biodynamic, Craniosacral and Energetic medicine. A special interest in how modern society is affecting our health and well-being. Will have you back on your feet and enjoying life in no time.

Brian Collins - Osteopath

Another very experienced Osteopath. Brian likes to help patients remember how to be well. Proficient in Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy and Neuraltherapy. He has an interest in the psychosocial model and the importance of diet and lifestyle in resourcing the individual to assist in recovery.

Liz Stroud - Osteopath

Another awesome Osteo - children LOVE her. Liz strives to understand the whole picture when helping patients. Drawing from a wide range of gentle hands on Osteopathic tools from massage, mobilisation, balance ligament tension techniques to Cranial Osteopathy. Patients also benefit from Lizs Pilates expertise to help them maintain health.

Jim Black - Osteopath

Our sporting Guru - Evidence Based Medicine underpins Jims practice. He utilizes a wide range of osteopathic techniques, from manipulation and Muscle Energy through to Balanced Ligamentous Tension and Cranial techniques. A firm believer in exercise as an integral part of health.

Andre Habib - Osteopath

Andre treats a wide range of patients of different ages from office workers, elite athletes, to builders and students and everything in between. AndrĂ© employs a comprehensive range of techniques to suit the individual with a special interest in visceral osteopathy which is working with the organs of the abdomen and pelvis.

Bronwyn Coull - Osteopath

On Maternity from Sept 2020

With a firm belief in the principles of Traditional Osteopathy, and the amazing healing potential of the human body Bronwyn aims to assist and inspire you on your health journey to optimal wellness. A certified Yogi, Bronwyn connects easily your Body, Mind and Spirit enabling you to maintain optimum health.

Marianne Vetterli - Massage Therapist & Sound Healer

A Diploma in Massage Therapy, Healing Touch© Practitioner, EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technics©) and Energy Healing with animals she continues to educate herself in the field of the Body and Mind Connection with a high interest in Sound Healing and Quantum Physics. Marianne is now integrating her knowledge into bespoke sessions to suit clients needs.

Hannah Milward - Mobility and Massage Therapist

Hannah is a Registered Nurse (RN) and has a background in exercise science, therapeutic sports massage, wellness coaching and corrective exercise.

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Diploma in Exercise Science through Massey University in Wellington. Hannah has Certificates in Osteofascial Release, Pain Management, Traditional Maori bodywork (Mirimiri), Sports Massage and Lomi Lomi. Treatments tailored to you.