What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a beautiful Manual Therapy with its principles set in the understanding of: 

  • The unity of Body, Mind and Spirit
  • The knowledge that structure and function are reciprocally related 
  • The profound ability of the body as a self healing and self regulating mechanism 
  • Knowing that a breakdown in any of these mechanisms will give rise to dis-ease within the system

Osteopathy approaches treatment from many angles - looking to all systems and how they interact as a biological whole. Osteopathy looks to everything that has gone before, where you are now and where you wish to go. Osteopathy supports you to unwind past dysfunction, release trauma, integrate surgeries and to make positive changes and decisions going forward.

Many Osteopaths specialise in areas such as Sports, Womens Health, Pediatrics and Animal Osteopathy. Different techniques are favored by different clinicians but all work to the same end. Balance and homeostasis within the system. 

The Therapeutic Relationship - We are the same but we are not. There is an Osteopath for everyone. Go with your Gut.