Teenage Contraceptive

September 25, 2020

What are we to do?

As a mother of a pre/peripubescent girls this is a conundrum. Let's start with young girls 11+ having the contraceptive pill / depo provera shot / implants due to irregular / painful / heavy periods and/or acne.  At this very moment in clinic I am treating two ladies wh...
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Men Matter

June 5, 2020

Male Fertility

I'll slip this in early via the Blog Posts - It's not all about the Women you know. Personal Experience.  After a short while (6 months) of trying to conceive - and yes, this is a short while but previous experience of falling pregnant quickly plus now being classed as ...
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Should we Kegel?

May 9, 2020

Kegels in Pregnancy

Everyone know what the Kegel exercise is? The "squeeze everything down there and hope I'm doing it right" exercise - have you just done it? - commonly given to expectant mothers so that "their pelvic floor will be alright" after birth. Rightly or wrongly, lets have a think a...
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Ocean between Os

Kia Ora,  Welcome to my blog. I am a specialist Womens Health Osteopath from the UK who has recently relocated to Nelson, New Zealand. Promptly thrust into COVID19 lockdown, which aside from being a bit of a shocker, has served as a great opportunity to get my website s...
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